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Horseplayers Recap; Vegas Visions

Horseplayers Recap; Vegas Visions: The 10th and final episode of the Horseplayers starts off highlighting the ritz and flashiness that can come with handicapping as we see the horseplayers at the Eclipse Awards in Florida at Gulfstream Park. John Conte is highlighted as he was a 2009 Eclipse award winner as handicapper of the year, but the celebrating doesn’t last too long as the Horseplayers have to focus at Gulfstream Park as it is their last chance to win a seat at the National Handicapping Championship.

Horseplayers Episode 10 Recap

All of the handicappers remained positive even though the official Horseplayers season has ended.
Photo: Horseplayers facebook

Christian Hellmers and Cowboy Cox already have a seat and last week Team Rotondo got a seat through Lee Davis, leaving Matt Bernier, Michael Beychok, and John Conte to still need a seat to place, but there are only two seats left. Bernier and Conte started off well and Bernier was especially close to getting a seat, but in the end none of them were able to grab a seat.

The episode fast forwards to all of the handicappers in Vegas for the tournament that the whole season has been leading up to. The grand prize is $750,000. Cowboy Cox is as confident as ever coming into the competition and with two entries allowed, his brings his wife along as another entry. A gracious Beychok gives all of the handicappers a pep talk and Conte also gives some words of wisdom; Hellmers is noticeably absent from the crew, but we see Hellmers pop up later with a lady friend and we are given a glimpse into all of Hellmers’ pre-competition rituals.

In the end none of the handicappers were able to get into the top 50 and make it to the third day of the competition. Jose Arias a young handicapper ended up winning the tournament. He was in the lead on day 1 and stayed in the lead, which is something that has never been done.

All of the handicappers remained positive even though the official season has ended. We will have to wait and see what is in store for them next season.

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