Lady and The Track | November 26, 2022

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How to Bet on Horse Racing Online

Lady and The Track is dedicated to giving you the advice and tools you need to place bets at the track or from the leisure of your home. Below is a great resource on how to place a bet on the horses LEGALLY in the US. That’s right, you can bet the ponies online legally. Here’s how:

1. Register Online to Twin Spires

It’s easy and free to just sign up! To bet you will need to make a deposit. Right now, TwinSpires is offering a $100 sign-up bonus!

Sign Up To Twin Spires


2. Make a Deposit to TwinSpires

After you’ve Signed Up to TwinSpires and logged in, it’s time to make a deposit. Click the “deposit” link under the “my account” section on the top left.

Twin Spires Deposit Link

You will be taken the “Deposit Funds” page to select your method of payment.

Twin Spires Deposit Page

Simply follow the steps on your preferred payment method. Remember, this is 100% LEGAL if you are in the United States.

3. Place a Wager on a Race. 

It’s time to place a wager! This is the fun part, and sometimes confusing. That’s ok, because we are here to help. Let’s start off by clicking the “Wager Now”  link on the top left.


For this bet, we are going to pick a race at Santa Anita Park using the “Classic” Experience.


Here we see a different looking page. This is where you can place your bet. Select your race, wager type, and amount.


After you pick those three, an area to pick your horses will show up. Check the ones you want and click “Continue”.


Next “Confirm” your bet.


Taa-daahh! You have placed your first bet from the comfort of your own computer!