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Esquire Horseplayers Episode 3 Recap; Belmont Bullet

Esquire Horseplayers Episode 3 Recap; Belmont Bullet: Episode 3 of Horseplayers on Esquire TV centers on the Horseplayers at Belmont Park in Elmont, NY, with a $400 buy in a two-day tournament of horse racing.

Horseplayers Esquire Kevin Cox

With enough confidence to fill a ten-gallon hat, Horseplayer Kevin Cox wins the handicapping tournament at Belmont Park on episode 3 of the Horseplayers.
Photo: Horseplayers Facebook

All of the horseplayers are in New York at Belmont Park vying for an invitation to the Championship. Horseplayer Christian Hellmers remains somewhat absent during the episode as he chooses to skip the races at Belmont and visit London, England, seeming confident of his place in the Championship.

Viewers are also introduced to a new horseplayer, Kevin Cox. As a former New York City police officer, Cox or “Cowboy Cox” as he is referred to, is confident and is shaking things up. In this episode Cox says “I’m the best you’ve ever seen, the best, and even if I lose, I’m still the best,” and it seems that his confidence isn’t unfounded as he took the win at Belmont Park. Cox beat out major well known players including Team Rotondo, 2012 winner Michael Beychok and John Conte.

Team Rotondo had a big upset with a miscommunication and a failure to bet on a winning horse as planned, and so we will have to wait and watch and see if they are able to get an invite to the Las Vegas Championship through another competition.

John Conte takes a slower patient approach this episode saying, “the main thing in these contests is bullets or bets, You want the people to use up their bullets, then as long as there’s enough races left, like a gun fight, you still have your ammo.”

Unfortunately, John Conte’s approach also failed to get him an invitation to the championship.

Horseplayer Matt Bernier had better luck though, at one point being in 9th place and finishing in 35th place out of 266 people, although this newbie had major ups and downs this episode, he’s starting to make his mark and be seen as a contender.

This 3rd episode of Horeplayers proved to be the most exciting yet, as we start to get to know the Horseplayers better and start following them on their path way to the championship.

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