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Lady and The Track Store Open for Business!

Lady and The Track Store Open for Business!: Fascinators and hats appeared in the 1875 Kentucky Derby, now the nation’s premier racing event. Colonel Meriwether Lewis Clark Jr., who founded the Derby, wanted to transform the racetrack “from a place of ill-repute to place of high-society—and therefore high fashion,” (Source). Elegant headwear picked up steam, as racegoers realized fans and general media paid attention to Derby fashion.

Lady and The Track Photo Finish

Unsure about the style? Lady and The Track’s fascinator, named Photo Finish, is for everyone.

The tradition continues today! Imagine wearing an official Lady and The Track fascinator or hat, not only to Churchill Downs, but for any special card at a major racetrack. Picture walking through the crowds at Santa Anita Park, Keeneland or even Saratoga Race Course and showing off a beautiful gray and black headpiece. Few will resist admiring such quality and taste.

Unsure about the style? Lady and The Track’s fascinator, named Photo Finish, is for everyone. The official description states “The functional headband conceals easily with up-dos or down-dos.” Also, a versatile fascinator is the key to starting conversations with fashion lovers, or handsome men who will notice the “sparkling rhinestones and flirtatious sinamay flower.”

Only Lady and The Track’s hat, titled Morning Line Favorite, could surpass it in quality. With this, ladies will become a favorite with anyone catching a glimpse. As the description states, it looks “clean and classic.” The hat contains a unique sinamay exclusive to Lady and The Track, and features a black ribbon punctuated by a flower that wraps around. The colors match well.

Either of the above two items will magically take the wearer back to 1875, to Clark’s described vision (taken from the official Kentucky Derby website) of “a racing environment that would feel comfortable and luxurious, an event that would remind people of the Epsom Derby and Grand Prix – European Horse Racing Events that attracted an elegant crowd.”

Fashion’s magic does not end there. Anyone attending a racetrack wearing a wonderful fascinator or hat must pick out a proper bag as well, or the fashion police might come. Lady and The Track offers colored handbags, each with a horse symbol on the top-middle and optional adjustable strap. They appear large enough to store track programs, smaller tablets and hopefully winning tickets. The blue, black, red and tan versions give everyone a choice as well. Feel like a winner using one.

In addition, check out the variety of t-shirts in light blue, gray and red. Sure, the magic of going to a racetrack normally involves dressing up in fancy outfits, but sometimes a casual afternoon takes the pressure off. Also, shirts are great for a regular day outside of the racetrack.

What better way to show off the internet’s most exciting horse racing website by wearing a shirt with the official logo? Wear one while out for a walk, jogging or working out, and someone interested in horse racing may ask about the shirt. Conversation starters come from all kinds of fashion items.

With the Breeders’ Cup coming soon, and Derby prep races next year, there are enough reasons to purchase new fashion items from Lady and The Track. Most people feel special knowing their fashion is appreciated. Imagine going to a racetrack and receiving compliments the entire day. These items give modern fans a touch of racing’s historic past, while bringing them into the modern era.

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