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Horse Races NOW Xbox app Captures Young Fans

Horse Races NOW Xbox app Captures Young Fans: The tech savvy creators of the Horse Races NOW app continue to make ground exposing a new audience to the world of horse racing, this time through the Xbox 360. Both the original app and the Xbox app make it easy for anyone to watch an exciting horserace anytime or anywhere.

Horse Races NOW

The Horse Races NOW app debuted to the Xbox 360 app store on August 5, 2014 and is currently under the “New Releases” section. Type in “Horse Races NOW” in the app search and it will pop up.

Lady and the Track sat down with the President and COO of Horse Races NOW, Chris Carper, to learn more about the advances the company is making and how the “coolest app ever” is progressing.

Chris Carper explained that the Xbox 360 app isn’t much different than the original user-friendly app saying, “All of the tracks listed on the traditional Horse Races Now app are also available on the Horse Races Now app for Xbox 360.”

The Horse Races NOW app is just as easy to find on the Xbox as it is on your Smartphone. Chris Carper stated, “The Horse Races NOW app debuted to the Xbox 360 app store on August 5 and is currently under the ‘New Releases’ section. Just type in ‘Horse Races NOW’ in the app search and it will pop up.”

The Horse Races NOW Xbox 360 app will surely appeal to the younger horseracing fan. Chris Carper commented, “That’s exactly why our team has worked to develop this app so we can gain more exposure for horse racing and reach a younger demographic to help grow the fan base.” He added, “With the Horse Races Now Xbox 360 app, fans can watch whichever live racing or race replays they choose on demand for zero cost. Just like the mobile Horse Races NOW app, the Xbox 360 app is free.”

With so many apps available today one may think it’s easy to create an app such as Horse Races NOW. We asked Chris Carper how difficult it was to create the Xbox 360 app and he revealed, “Developing any sort of app is no easy path. You have to have patience and really take the time to make sure it’s right. We want to give our users the best experience possible and provide with them with a great tool to help them enjoy the sport we all love.”

Most new fans of horseracing watch the majority of their favorite shows and even get their news from online sources. The future of Horse Races NOW is an exciting one. Xbox One and a Horse Races NOW Microsoft app are both possibilities on the horizon.

So what’s so cool about the Horse Races NOW app? Chris Caper replied, “For starters, it’s a free service and it comes with all the great features you can find in the mobile Horse Races Now app. One feature that we think users will love is that they can bring all their same ‘favorites’ from the mobile app onto the Xbox 360 app. All they have to do is sign in with the same email address and password and the ‘favorites’ will automatically populate. Also, the Xbox 360 app offers a second screen experience. So, users can be watching a live race on their TV and check the Morning Line Odds on their mobile device – all while using Horse Races NOW.”

After watching a live race on the subway and at a boring wedding reception, we here at Lady and The Track are big fans of the Horse Races NOW app on our phones and office Xbox!

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