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Preakness Picks from the Top Horse Racing Experts

Lady and The Track consulted with three very different Horse Racing Experts to get their opinions on the 138th running of The Preakness Stakes that is set for 6:20 PM EDT at Pimlico Race Course on Saturday May 18, 2013. Most everyone agrees that Orb has what it takes to make a Triple Crown win a reality. But what about the rest of the field? Who should you pick to box a trifecta to make a little bit of drinking shoe shopping champagne money? Let’s ask the experts…

Briana Mott, Style Expert at, thinks Orb & Oxbow may lead the Preakness field.

Briana Mott, Style Expert at, thinks Orb & Oxbow may lead the Preakness field.

Briana Mott is a Style Expert that specializes in track fashion at Don’t let Briana’s pretty image fool you. She knows her horses! Briana is one of those beautifully dressed ladies at the track that bets like the big boys, all while wearing the finest hat you’ve ever seen!

Here is what Briana had to say about the Preakness:
“I most definitely think Orb can win the Preakness. He is a fantastic horse with a great team. His workouts look effortless as if he floats and after speaking with Rafael Bejarano who said ‘he can stay all day’ prior to Derby, there are no doubts he will close strongly.”

Briana added, “The drop back in distance does make you go “hmmm” as he needs time to kick into high gear but I think Orb has got it in him to take the second leg and continue on to the third. Besides…it’s about time we had a TC winner right??”

When asked about her long-shot pick Briana stated, “My grandfather always said have a dollar on the long shot and I always do! I asked my Aussie counterpart, Grant for this answer as he always seems to weed out the forgottens, and he thinks Oxbow is a good long shot bet. He worked hard in the Derby and was caught at a fast pace but if Preakness has a slower pace in addition to the smaller field he may surprise you.”

So what is Briana’s Preakness Prediction? “My Preakness Prediction is fabulous fashion and fantastic racing! Crossing my fingers for Orb to take the title … And I’ll leave it at that. Dress up, have a black eyed Susan, and watch the Preakness Stakes unfold! That’s all you need to do! Oh…and have fun doing it!”

Kari Lynn Ward makes her predictions for the 2013 Preakness Stakes.

Kari Lynn Ward makes her predictions for the 2013 Preakness Stakes.

Kari Lynn Ward modestly considers herself a horseracing fan. Those who follow Kari know that she has a gift. Kari can pick winning horses with little effort. She admits to reading everything she can about the sport, but we know her secret, Kari is a hard-core expert handicapper! Kari most recently picked Freedom Child in the Peter Pan Stakes.

Here is what Kari had to say about the Preakness:
“Deep down I do believe Orb will win the Preakness and I would love to see him win the Triple Crown. I typically bet against the favorite; however, I would be ecstatic if he won it. The sport as well as this country needs a boost and something exciting to bring everyone together.”

Kari added, “I think the best long shot to beat Orb is Will Take Charge. If he gets a good post position, he could take it. He was running up on Verrazano in the Derby and had to check himself. From the aerial shot of the race, he and Orb were even coming into the stretch. He seems to be training really well. On top of it Lukas has Title Town Five in the race and I believe that will be the “rabbit” to bring home Will Take Charge or Oxbow.

So what is Kari’s Preakness Prediction? “The pace will be very fast and could collapse towards the end. Orb, Will Take Charge, Mylute & Departing are closers so they will be more forwardly placed to pounce at the end. One of those four I predict will win. Some of the speed may stay in there for the bottom of the exotics. Goldencents, Oxbow & Govenor Charlie could hang on for a piece. Govenor Charlie is the one speed horse that does scare me, as he’s kind of a wildcard. Orb should be able to bring it home and win, it’s his race to lose.”

Craig Trapp, expert handicapper from, gives us advice on the 2013 Preakness Stakes.

Craig Trapp, expert handicapper from, gives us advice on the 2013 Preakness Stakes.

Craig Trapp is a true Horse Racing Expert from Craig gave us the winning horse for the Coolmore Lexington Stakes, Winning Cause, who came home with 5-1 odds.

Here is what Craig had to say about the Preakness:
“As horse racing fanatic we are Rooting for Orb to win (definitely horse to beat) but as handicapper trying to beat the favorite Orb.”

When asked about a possible long shot bet Craig stated, “Love Governor Charlie as live long shot. Baffert has five Preakness victories and I love the breeding.”

For Craig’s Preakness predictions, visit his website at


Lady and The Track would like to thank Craig Trapp, Kari Lynn Ward, and Briana Mott for helping make this article possible. ~Trixie 

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