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What to Wear to CashCall Futurity

Briana Mott of Fashion At The Races dresses Trixie Hammer of Lady and The Track for the 2012 CashCall Futurity

The 32nd running of the CashCall Futurity at Betfair Hollywood Park takes place this Saturday December 15, 2012. Since the CashCall is held in such a glamorous location in California, we decided to ask Fashion At The Races to help style the Lady and The Track team for the racing event. Fashion At The Races agreed to help style ME for the 2012 CashCall Futurity, which I’m extremely excited about!

Briana Mott is a Racing Style Expert at Fashion At The Races. Fashion At The Races is a fresh new face determined to showcase the fantastic fashion that is on display at our own US racetracks and around the world. By combining the wonderful thoroughbred racing industry with that of the fashion world, Fashion At The Races hopes to create a movement dedicated to building a solid and long lasting relationship between the two.

Briana Mott carefully chose an appropriate outfit for me to wear to the 2012 CashCall Futurity. I explained to her that I like a vintage look but needed help piecing items together to get a flawless fashionable look at the track. Briana really put together an outfit that I’ll not only wear to the 2012 CashCall at Betfair Hollywood Park, but also to many races and meet-and-greets to come. What’s even better is I feel fabulous in the clothes that Fashion At The Races suggested for me!

Fashion At The Races chose this emerald green skirt for Trixie Hammer of Lady and The Track to wear to the 2012 CashCall Futurity.

Briana stated, “Since the Betfair Hollywood Park is named because of its short distance to the infamous Hollywood, we are going to choose an outfit that would be fit for a red carpet affair outside the Indian theatre! The first thing we are going to chose is the color EMERALD. Emerald is the color of 2012 and it’s gotten that title for a reason. A standout yet classy color will flatter anyone’s skin tone. I think that having an emerald green loose skirt that falls from the belly button down to the knee paired with a loose white blouse tucked in or a peplum top (could be black as well). Since we love a vintage look at the track yet this look is a bit more modern, just add some lace somewhere. A white silk top with lace will give the outfit a more feminine feel.”

Regarding accessories, Racing Style Expert Briana Mott added, “Accessories should stand out big jewelry pieces as in a thick metallic bangle, big necklace, with just a simple solid color pump.”

When I asked Briana of Fashion At The Races what I should do about a hat or headpiece, Briana replied, “Hat or Fascinator? That is the question! I’m going to go with fascinator (or small hat). The outfit is simple, chic, and expensive looking. Sometimes big hats take away from that feeling because they hide the lady’s beautiful face and hair. We want to show both with this outfit! No point having a good outfit and hiding who’s rockin it! A small piece possibly with a little netting to hang down would be the perfect add on and add to a vintage feel. I am always a fan of tying the hat to the color of the shoes if you have a simple clothing pick. Black shoes? Pick a black piece with some sort of accents to tie in the rest of the outfit: emerald, white, metallic etc.”

Since the weather will be in the 70’s at the 2012 CashCall Futurity, no stockings are needed and you could go either sleeveless, cap sleeves or long sleeved as long as it’s a light fabric.

Added tips from a Fashion At The Races style expert:
-Lotion your legs since you aren’t wearing stockings and no one likes the chalky look!
-Gloves are optional, if we did want to add a glove it would need to be modern, possibly leather.
-Pack a few baby wipes in your bag just in case you spill anything on the white fabric…baby wipes work wonders!

Be sure to check out all the fashion advice and photos Briana Mott and the team have to offer at Fashion At The Races. Fashion At The Races is the go to place for expert racing style. You can contact Fashion At The Races directly at

The 2012 CashCall Futurity at Betfair Hollywood Park takes place on Saturday, December 15. Gates open at 10:30 am PST.

Gallery of suggested fashionable pieces for the 2012 CashCall Futurity by Fashion At The Races.