Lady and The Track | November 30, 2022

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Chic Peacock not Stuffed Turkey at the Cigar Mile

Look like a Chic Peacock not a Stuffed Turkey at the Cigar Mile at Aqueduct

Well Turkey Day is for overeating, and we have all been noshing on leftovers so at this time of the year, slipping into a tight dress may not be the most comfortable thing for the all-day Cigar Mile event at the Aqueduct race track just two days after Thanksgiving. This doesn’t mean that you can’t look completely fabulous and chic though. Choose a dress that can hide problem areas and still be posh.

Cigar Mile 2013 Fashion

After overindulging on Thanksgiving dinner and leftovers, look completely fabulous and chic at the 2013 Cigar Mile at Aqueduct by choosing a figure flattering dress to fit your unique body type.

You want to find something that has some structure to it to keep everything in place, but is also forgiving and doesn’t lay flat against your body for the whole silhouette. Also, stay away from unforgiving fabrics that don’t move. Try to find something with some stretch to it. It’s always a plus if lycra is in the listed materials, it will stretch to suit your body rather than your body smashing in to fit the garment creating a sausage like effect.

Just make sure not to cover up too much, especially when you’re heading out to a fantastic race at Aqueduct. Sometimes when women put on extra weight they go for baggy oversize items that cover up their whole body. This just makes you look dumpy; it’s better to find something that fits properly and find one part of your body that you love and accentuate that item and show skin where you’re comfortable. This will detract from any problem areas you have.

If you love your legs, then try a shift mini that hides a belly and shows off your lean gams, like the orange and white number shown below.

If you’re bottom heavy try a cinched waist dress or skirt that flares out and hits just above or just below the knee, exposing the leanest part of your leg, your calves and ankles, and hiding thighs. Try the Banana Republic striped fit and flare dress (pictured below).

To hide a tummy, try a wrap dress or something that has ruching in the midsection, like a great wrap dress from Banana Republic (shown below). The pattern is also very forgiving and it distracts from and it creates a visual effect that distracts the eye from any flaws.

If you want to show off toned arms try cap sleeves, which showcase arms in a way that goes beyond a sleeveless dress, providing a sort of frame to draw the eye to arms. Try the Statue Park Dress with sweet cap sleeves from Modcloth (shown to the right).

Top off your look with an attention getting fascinator or hat. You definitely don’t want to be shy here. If you want to hide any holiday weight, a great attention getting hat is the perfect way to do so because it draws the eye upward to your face. My two attention grabbing hats are the Black Saucer and the Carole from Fashion at the Races.

The weather at Aqueduct will be in the mid-thirties for the Cigar Mile on Saturday, November 30th so be sure to pair your gorgeous outfit with a stylish coat. The Modcloth Holiday Greetings coat (shown below) is perfect for eye-catching track fashion! The Coast to Coat jacket is another great option to keep you in the spotlight all winter long!

Like what you see? Shop the links above to buy the stylish items pictured below!