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Clever Racehorse Names

Kentucky Derby is filled with so much excitement, there’s the amazing fashion, the adrenalin of betting on a horse, watching them race and there’s my favorite part of Derby racing, learning the unique names of the horses. Some of which are funny, boring, over the top and others are meaningful.

Naming a horse is by far the most important way in grabbing the attention of it’s viewers, I have come across some quite interesting names, but my true favorite is ‘El Padrino’, which translates to “The Godfather”.

‘El Padrino’s name speaks for itself, son of Pulpit, with inbreeding to Mr. Prospector and Secretariat, who are two of the most dominant names in North American pedigrees, this horse has victory in his blood. Keep a close eye on ‘El Padrino’, this horse is “Going to the Mattresses”, or in other words, this horse is going all out to achieve victory.

Dr. Kendall Hansen smiles at Aqueduct after Hansen finishes in first place.

The horse ‘Hanson’ caught my attention only because I thought this horse was named after the 90s boy band Hanson Brothers, but later found out that was not the case. This horse was named after the strange Dr. Kendall Hansen, who three months ago dyed his horse’s tail blue and had a group of young ladies wear blue tails and tight dresses in order to support Hanson during the Blue Grass Stakes. I guess weirdness pays off, Hanson came in at 2nd place that day.

‘Daddy Long Legs’ is a name that made me laugh and think about my son, who is terrified of spiders. Why would someone name their horse after a spider? Maybe because this spider is considered the most dangerous spider in the world, so in return giving this horse a strong name.

‘Alpha’ and ‘Daddy Nose Best’ are two other horses that I believe do not have a strong unique name. When it comes to racing and betting on a good horse, it’s all in the name. Maybe these two horses will surprise us, they are not bad horses, just bad names.

In the end of the day of Derby racing, it’s all about the name, the fashion and the money! So go grab a funky derby hat, your wallet and your favorite horse and happy betting. May the best horse win.


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