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Woodbine Queen’s Plate 2014 Hats and Horseshoes Party

Woodbine Queen’s Plate 2014 Hats and Horseshoes Party: The 2014 Queen’s Plate Stakes will be the 155th anniversary of the Queen’s Plate horse race which is the first jewel in Canada’s Triple Crown. The race is set to take place on Sunday, June 6th at Woodbine Race Track.

A fun featured event that will also be taking place at Woodbine is the Hats and Horseshoes Party. It will be an event filled with food, fashion, and fun. There will be a red carpet and different food to sample along with music to dance to all while you are cheering on the horses during the race.


Queen's Plate 2014

The Queen’s Plate and Hats and Horseshoes Party is set to take place on Sunday, July 6, 2014 at Woodbine.
Photo: Woodbine Entertainment

The Hats and Horseshoes Party will begin at noon at the Walking Ring on Sunday. Parking and admission to the party are free. There will also be some of Toronto’s most popular and delicious food trucks at the party for you to take your pick from and live performances by the Emerson Street Rhythm Band, DJ Medicineman, and Synsonic. There is also a private party that is held at the Flare Lounge, a mobile brewery, and the David Dunkley Fine Millinery where you can purchase a hat or fascinator.

Since you will be photographed on the Hats and Horseshoes red carpet you will want to look your best and as fashion forward as possible. The 90’s trend is everywhere this season and you’ll be sure to be right on trend if you try one of the 90’s comeback looks. Of course this is race day, so you will want to avoid some 90’s trends like Doc Marten boots and overalls, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look sophisticated and still trend with the 90’s trend. Try the halter look, which was on runways in a big way this season, and you will be sure to have a trendy fashion forward look that isn’t a total throwback to the 90’s. The halter look is actually quite sophisticated and highlights the collar bone, which is beautiful on every woman.

Some halter looks to try for the 2014 Hats and Horseshoes Party at Woodbine are a beautiful white high collar halter dress or an easy and glamorous halter maxi dress (both pictured below). If you are looking for a little more color then try a beautiful sea foam sheer halter neck line dress or a gorgeous vibrant orange halter dress.

Pair your halter trend outfit with a wide brimmed hat to look sophisticated and red carpet ready. Since the halter neck draws the eye upward, a wide brimmed hat is perfect to make a bold statement. Try a beautiful wide brimmed hat with flower detailing or a neutral wide brimmed hat.

With a halter dress and a wide brimmed head piece you will look dazzling on the red carpet at the Queen’s Plate and the Hats and Horseshoes Party!

For additional information about the Queen’s Plate or the Hats and Horseshoes Party, visit the official website of Woodbine Racetrack.

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