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Happy Birthday Thoroughbreds

Happy Birthday Thoroughbreds by Michael Fenrich: January 1 is New Years Day. It is a time for a new beginning and new hope for many. New Years Day is not just parades and football; it is also the birthday for all thoroughbreds. Even though horses have different foal dates they all have birthdays on January 1.

Happy Birthday Thoroughbreds

January 1st is not only New Years Day, it’s the day thoroughbred horses in the Northern Hemisphere turn another year older.

“The Jockey Club and other race registries use January 1 as a birth date to simplify age categories assigned horses at different race tracks. The Jockey Club still keeps a record of each horses original birth date that is printed on the registration papers. The fact that a Thoroughbred race horse turns one year older on January 1 no matter the actual birth date can have some effect on a young horse born late May or June since they are competing with horse who could be 6 months older,” said Sue Greene, owner of Woodbridge Farm.

“Certainly makes it easy to remember when I send birthday cards to my friends and Mom,” commented four-year-old thoroughbred colt Juba, who is conditioned by James Jerkens.

The racetrack is an escape for many to enjoy a beautiful day and to some great horse races. More people should get out to the tracks to see these equine athletes, especially on New Years Day. What a great birthday gift that more fans can attend the races to support the horses because of their beauty and they give hope to so many.

With January 1 being New Years Day and a new beginning for many it is fitting that all majestic thoroughbreds celebrate their birthday on January 1. Happy Birthday Thoroughbreds!

Where to spend New Years Day to celebrate your favorite Thoroughbred’s Birthday:
Delta Downs
Fair Grounds
Golden Gate
Gulfstream Park
Laurel Park
Portland Meadows
Santa Anita
Turfway Park