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Stay Put Makeup for Breeders’ Cup 2014 Beauties

Stay Put Makeup for Breeders’ Cup 2014: There will be many fun filled events to enjoy at the Breeders’ Cup two-day event on Friday, October 31st and Saturday, November 1st at Santa Anita Park. Things will be going all day and through the night. You want to look your best at the Breeders’ Cup, but you will also want to enjoy yourself and not be worried about your makeup and touchups, so make sure to try these stay put makeup tips to help carry you through all your Breeders’ Cup fun.

Stay Put Make Up for Breeders' Cup 2014

Your makeup should be the least of your worries during the 2014 Breeders’ Cup.
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First of all, you will want to start with a fresh clean face and a light moisturizer and sunscreen. It is crucial that you allow your moisturizer and sunscreen to completely dry before applying any makeup up. Give it a good ten minutes before application. Then start with a primer. Even if you have dry skin, make sure that you use a primer that gets rid of any shine and fills in any lines. A primer with a SPF in it is even better since you will be in the bright California Sun. Try L’Oreal Miracle Blur with SPF.

Apply your foundation with a sponge or brush. This is not the time to use your fingers. Fingers melt the foundation somewhat which is great for a sheer tinted look, but you need your foundation to stay put so use a tool so that it doesn’t melt on your fingers.

From this point on, use all powders. Use a light transclucent powder or brightening powder. You don’t want to use an actual compact powder, which can cake, but a light finishing powder like Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder. Then make sure to use powder eyeshadow and blush, which won’t melt like cream formulas do. For both your eyeshadow and blush, make sure to use highly pigmented colors, but use a light hand when applying. Just because you want your makeup to stay on doesn’t mean you need more of it, you just need a sheer wash of a rich color. Try Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Color.

Finish off your look with gel eyeliner like Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof gel pot eye liner and a waterproof mascara like Dior Show, which really helps fan out your lashes and keeps thing from getting goopy or clumpy.

If you perspire a lot or are really worried about your makeup melting or smudging off then after you apply all of your makeup, lightly mist a setting spray like Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray to really keep everything in place.

With these few makeup tips, your makeup will be sure to take you through all your Breeders’ Cup events and all you will have to worry about is having fun!