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The Official US Racing Kentucky Derby Drinking Game

Fun for all ages, depending on drink of choice. Get your Derby party guests to play along!

By Ray Wallen

For a race that takes roughly two minutes, the pre-race Kentucky Derby coverage on NBC will be four hours long. That is a lot of time to fill. With a full field, that would be 12 minutes devoted to each horse!


If you are like me, there isn’t anything that the commentators are going to say that will change your mind about your betting choices for the race. Yet, you probably feel compelled to watch the marathon of coverage anyway, right?

You may wonder, what is the best, most fun way to make the time pass?

By playing drinking games of course!

We all know there will be topics of conversation and specific phrases that will get beat to death during the broadcast, so why not have some fun with it? So, grab your favorite drink — water, lemonade or another refreshing beverage of choice — and let’s play!


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