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Esquire Horseplayers Episode 9 Recap; The Good Luck Voodoo Cleanse

April 3, 2014 |

Esquire Horseplayers Episode 9 Recap; The Good Luck Voodoo Cleanse: The Horseplayers are at Fairgrounds in episode 9 of Esquire’s Horseplayers, which is located in Michael Beychok’s home town of New Orleans. We are given a little bit of history about Fairgrounds and how it was flooded during Hurricane Katrina but was rebuilt and really like […]

Esquire Horseplayers Episode 7 Recap; Sunshine Sting

March 20, 2014 |

Esquire Horseplayers Episode 7 Recap; Sunshine Sting: This episode the horseplayers are all headed to Hallandale Beach, FL just outside of Miami for another handicapping competition and potential qualifier for the big competition in Vegas. Everyone except Rotondo, Jr. heads down to Gulfstream Park in the 7th episode of Horseplayers. We see another side to […]