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NYRA Belmont Park Breakfast Begins May 3

NYRA Belmont Park Breakfast Begins May 3 by guest contributor Michael Fenrich: Five days a week many people are rushed in the morning as they eat breakfast before work, school and other appointments. After five days, on weekends and holidays people should treat themselves, their families and loved ones to a relaxing breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day. This breakfast program is in Elmont, Long Island at Belmont Park Racetrack.

Breakfast at Belmont Park

The NYRA brings breakfast to Belmont Park beginning on May 3, 2014. Tour the stables, watch morning workouts with thoroughbreds and trainers, and enjoy a delicious breakfast with your family on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays at Belmont Park.

People who attend breakfast at Belmont Park can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere. It is very peaceful as horses are training and there are agents, jockeys and trainers in the midst of the patrons.

“It is the best kept secret in Elmont,” said Stephen Travers. Vice President of Hospitality for The New York Racing Association (NYRA).

“It is a great way to get young and new people to the track and into the game, it is a great forum, which is all good,” said jockey agent Ron Anderson. Anderson is well known in horse racing and is the agent for Joel Rosario who won the 2013 Kentucky Derby on Orb.

“I like the opportunity to bring the public closer to the horses. I think even more can be done to give the public a glimpse of the horses, trainers, and jockeys at work. Anything that brings the fans closer to the participants is going to be a real positive for NYRA. Breakfast at Belmont is one of those things,” said thoroughbred trainer Gary Contessa.

“I think the breakfast is great. I invite friends and fans to see the horses train and to meet jockeys and trainers. I recommend it to friends and fans, ” said jockey Maylan Studart.

The meaning of Utopia is a community or society possessing highly desirable to near perfect qualities. Well this thoroughbred landscape is just the perfect place for anyone to enjoy especially to be surrounded by the equine athlete.

During the five days that anyone is rushing around in their morning routine, they should visualize the thoroughbreds and set aside the weekend and holiday plans to attend on a regular basis the Utopia, which is Breakfast at Belmont.

Particulars For Belmont Park Breakfast Program:
-When: Saturday, Sunday and Holidays. (Begins May 3)
-Price: Free to enter track. Just pay $8.95 for Buffett.
-Time: 7am-9:30am: Arrive by 8 am not to miss events
-Events: Watch horses train, Tram Tour to see stable area, Starting gate demonstration. Paddock show to see day in life of a thoroughbred.
-Host: Mary Ryan who has been a fixture at NYRA will be back as she narrates all of the things going on and provides information about the horses and events to the fans.
-Notes: No Breakfast at Belmont, June 7&8 for Belmont Stakes weekend.
-No Tram Memorial Day as it is in a parade. Also May 31.
-No Tram July 12 and 13 as it is enroute to Saratoga.
-When program ends at 9:30 fans need to leave track but they can wait to re enter at 11am and pay admission for races in afternoon.

More Information:
Phone: 1-516-488-6000